Business valuation

We provide business valuation services for different purposes. Our specialists participated in different business valuation engagements for leading Russian and CIS companies in wide range of industries.

For business sale, debt and equity financing one should have unbiased (objective) appraisal of fair value of it, which take into consideration the existing market position and the future business perspectives.

Russian Appraisal have extensive relevant experience in business and investment project valuation. We used different cutting edge methodologies and standards.

For the least several years we successfully completed more than 150 projects of business valuation in wide range of industries in Russia and abroad. For the most part the clients asked us to provide business valuation services for:
  • sale/purchase of the business (partly or in full)
  • debt or equity finance raising in Russia, CIS or abroad
  • restructuring
  • privatization or bankruptcy
  • share buy back – within public offer or in accordance with the law about majority shareholder
  • additional share issuing/stock split
  • lawsuit
  • maximizing shareholder equity value when making management decisions.
In each engagement of business or investment project valuation Russian Appraisal always try not only making independent opinion about fair value, but also to solve long-term problems which our clients facing by introducing our cross industry experience and in-depth analysis. We help at:
  • understanding the purposes and tasks of valuation
  • choosing valuation and methodology for valuation
  • preparing the reports along with short and detailed presentations upon finishing each project for the purposes of presenting its result to senior management, shareholders and third parties
  • negotiating and joint approval of assumptions and input data, calculations with auditors, credit (financing) institutions and other interested parties
  • lawsuits, helping the clients to protect their position
  • long-term service providing for different purposes, which facing our clients – debt/equity financing, purchasing/disposal of the business and separate assets, restructuring.

  1. Valuation of existing business

    Valuation is defining of the value, which makes and/or will make the proposed business.

    It is necessary to distinguish the valuation of business and property appraisal. Property appraisal is determined as the sum of values of movable and immovable property, which involved in the process of value building in the company.

    Business valuation is the appraisal of fair value of company as a whole, when combination of property and other fixed assets and working capital create shareholders’ profit.

    Value of the company is expected future economic value added from business activity.

    Generally valuation of existing business is necessary for:
    • sale/purchasing of the business
    • reorganization/restructuring
    • pledge
    • bankruptcy, liquidation
    • equity formation/increasing
    • IFRS
    • insurance
    • additional stock emission.
  2. Investment project valuation
    We have extensive experience in valuation and corporate finance and will be happy to offer you full range of services for successful investment project implementation: market research (feasibility study), financial modeling and business planning, sale of business to strategic or portfolio investor:
    • market study
    • concept development and best use scenario analysis
    • assessment of required capital expenditures
    • business plan elaboration (investment memorandum preparation)
    • financial feasibility of project realization
    • comprehensive overall project risk assessment, methods to mitigate them
    • monitoring and business strategy implementation
    • equity and debt finance rising
    • assisting in business sale and assessment of its efficiency.